Guest Post: Top 5 Perfect Reading Spots (SBPT #4)

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Hey Bibliophiles!
It’s Sunday, which means another day for a guest post! The 2015 Summer Blogger Promo Tour is hosted by The Book Bratz. A huge thank you to both Amber & Jessica for organizing and hosting this promo tour! For more information about the Summer Blogger Promo Tour click here. If you would like to see who’s up next on my SBPT schedule be sure to click here!

Today’s SBPT guest post features Tee from Me, Books and the Internet!

Top 5 Perfect Reading Spots:

Everyone knows music can set a certain mood to your reading but not many know that the place you read at equally creates the tone for how you feel while reading. Here are 5 common perfect reading places I enjoy.


5) The Patio/Balcony

Have your parents ever said “You need to get outside of the house more often!” Well you can always please their wish by just stepping out to your patio.


      4) The Park

However, If you really want to get outside of the house the park is the perfect place. You’re surrounding yourself with nature and that sparks imagination for an adventure read.


3) The Beach

Relaxing on the sand as the sun shines down on you can give you immense amount of energy and happiness and thats good for about any read.


2) The Library

Sometimes being in a room with other readers really sets your mind in the mood to read.



No reading place beats anything like your own bedroom. There you can blast loud music or settle for ultimate peace. The best reading place will always be where you feel most comfortable to read and thats what matters.



About Me


I am Netanya T (or just Tee preferably) and i’ve been book blogging for a month. Its one of the most fun things i’ve done in my 16 years of life and i enjoy it.I like expressing my opinions but most importantly having fun. I like to evidently talk and review books on my blog, I make videos at also talking and reviewing books in addition to skits and tags. I make horrible jokes and when i’m not talking about books i’m really random and out there but i still like making friends so you can hit me up on my Twitter, Tumblr and Goodreads.

Thanks so much Tee for sharing your Top 5 perfect reading spots! Are any of these spots you find yourself reading in often? Where is your favourite place to read? Be sure to leave them some love & suggestions below!

Also, be sure to check back for the next SBPT guest post on August 2nd, 2015!

Until next time bibliophiles,


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