Guest Post: Characters I’d Like As My Best Friends (SBPT #5)

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Hey Bibliophiles!
It’s Sunday, which means another day for a guest post! The 2015 Summer Blogger Promo Tour is hosted by The Book Bratz. A huge thank you to both Amber & Jessica for organizing and hosting this promo tour! For more information about the Summer Blogger Promo Tour click here. If you would like to see who’s up next on my SBPT schedule be sure to click here!

Today’s SBPT guest post features Andrew from  Endlessly Reading!

Hello everyone!

Andrew here from Endlessly Reading, and I’ll be sharing what Characters I’d Like As My Best Friends! This was a pretty hard small list of 5 characters but it was just as fun!

Catching Fire flew waaaay beyond all my expectations....  No movie has touched me in such a way as it did. I experienced every single emotion possible and was pulled into the movie like I have never been before. I cannot listen to the soundtrack without feeling that aching in my heart, without crying. My perfect Mare Barrow. Red queen Front cover for the UK & ANZ edition of THRONE OF GLASS (without text). <3 <3 City of bones : the mortal instruments Zion- He looked more like a TV celebrity than a captain of a ship. Parker had the urge to punch him in the face, just so it wouldn't be so perfect.

I chose (from left to right) Katniss Everdeen, Mare Barrow, Celaena Sardothian, Simon Lewis, and Chaol Westfall!

I chose them specifically because i felt connected to them, it was certain things they said, did or reacted to that really caught me by surprise. It was like deja vu i guess. But i also wasn’t surprised at how fast this was for me to choose. Although it was hard, because of all the other characters i would’ve loved to add, they are all the easiest to relate to. The best thing is that they are all pretty much bad asses -me the mundane- I would be ready join them on any mission any day! As characters, they struck me -in a good way- and am constantly amazed at their stories and creators.

But some of their stories are coming to end, but their fire ignites in my heart!

Not going to cry… it’s just that *cries* I won’t have THG to look forward to each year now *crawls in a corner*

I would certainly love to jump into an adventure with these five right away!

What literary characters would you want as your best friends?

Thanks for having me on your blog! 😀

Hi, I’m Andrew your fellow southern californian book nerd, book blogger, random flailer, YA writer and big dreamer. I’m a sophomore in high school and i’m currently plotting/word-buildining my first Fantasy novel/potential series. I love all things books and PUNNY-haha get it, no okay bye-. I’m awkward and some people actually think i’m funny. One day i’ll be living in New York and working in a publishing house… or at least that is my plan.
Find Me: 
Instagram: endlessly_reading
Pinterest: heyiamdivergent
Wattpad: @Roxsas14


Thanks so much Andrew for sharing characters you’d like as your best friends! Are any of these characters on your list?  I have to say I would love to have Celaena as my best friend! Be sure to leave them some love & suggestions below!

Also, be sure to check back for the next SBPT guest post on August 9th, 2015!

Until next time bibliophiles,


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