Review: Burn [Blog Tour]


Author: Paula Weston
Series: The Rephaim, #4
Genre: YA, Fantasy, Paranormal
Publisher: Tundra Books
Publication Date: June 7 2016
Format: Paperback
Pages: 488
Source: Tundra Books

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Suddenly, Gaby remembers everything.

For a year she believed she was a backpacker chilling out in Pandanus Beach. Working at the library. Getting over the accident that killed her twin brother.

Then Rafa came to find her and Gaby discovered her true identity as Gabe: one of the Rephaim. Over a hundred years old. Half angel, half human, all demon-smiting badass—and hopelessly attracted to the infuriating Rafa.

Now she knows who faked her memories, and how—and why it’s all hurtling towards a massive showdown between the forces of heaven and hell.
More importantly, she remembers why she’s spent the last ten years wanting to seriously hurt Rafa



Opening Line

“Jude and I are looking at each other”

Why must all good things come to an end?!?!

Sigh. I’ve been going back and forth as to what I should include in my review. Or morse so, how do you review the last book in a series without spoiling anything to readers? I’m not sure, but I’m going to do my best! I promise there aren’t any spoilers! But really, if you haven’t read this series yet, go to your local bookstore and PICK IT UP NOW!!

As I mention in my review for Shimmer (The Rephaim, #3) I’m completely new to this series. I wish I wasn’t so late to jumping onto The Rephaim fandom because I would have loved to gush about each book with readers as they released. Now, onto my review…

I loved, loved, loved, loved, LOVED, the character growth/development with Gaby, Jude, and Rafe. Especially Gaby! I found that once she realized who she was she really came into her own. Not that she wasn’t before. Gaby was a kick ass character from the beginning, she’s tough and independent but I just found that she matured so well throughout this series and readers really see the result of that in Burn.

Gaby and Rafe. I don’t even know if there are words to explain these two. The swooning was real!  The banter/dialogue between these two was entertaining and priceless. I loved that they were able to sort out and actually COMMUNICATE with each other about their issues.

So, if I loved Burn so much, why did I give it 4.5 stars? The ending. Now. now, let me explain. So many times as readers we are left unsatisfied with the ending of a series. Paula Weston managed to beautifully wrap up The Rephaim series and answered all of my questions. However, going into this and knowing the battle these characters will face I expected something tragic to happen but that didn’t happen. I’m glad there was a happy ending but I wanted something tragic to kind of signify the end of a battle.


Overall, Burn was the perfect way to wrap up a series! Authors, take notes. Seriously, read this she Paula Weston can show you how it’s done! I’m so sad that this series is over but so beyond happy with how it all came to an end. This series is definitely on my list of favourite reads for 2016 and I’m already looking forward to re-read it sometime soon :).


Until next time bibliophiles,

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