Character Interview from The Way to Game the Walk of Shame [2016 DEBUT AUTHOR BASH + GIVEAWAY]

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I’m excited to share with you my author interview with Jenn P. Nguyen, debut author of The Way to Game the Walk of Shame! Also, be sure to enter the giveaway at the bottom :). Also, be sure to check out the rest of the #2016DABash here!

The Way to Game the Walk of Shame

Author: Jenn P. Nguyen
Genre: YA, Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Swoon Reads
Publication Date: June 7 2016
Purchase: Amazon | B&N | Indigo
Kobo | iTunes | Book Depository


Taylor Simmons is screwed.

Things were hard enough when her single-minded dedication to her studies earned her the reputation of being an Ice Queen, but after getting drunk at a party and waking up next to bad boy surfer Evan McKinley, the entire school seems intent on tearing Taylor down with mockery and gossip.

Desperate to salvage her reputation, Taylor persuades Evan to pretend they’re in a serious romantic relationship. After all, it’s better to be the girl who tames the wild surfer than just another notch on his surfboard.

Readers will be ready to sign their own love contract after reading The Way to Game the Walk of Shame, a fun and addicting contemporary YA romance by Jenn P. Nguyen.



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Character Q&A

                                          with Taylor Simmons!

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself, Taylor.
TS: Nothing much to tell. I’m just your average high school girl with a 4.23 G.P.A on her way to Columbia. I know everyone thinks that 4.0 is the highest you can get, but if you take additional AP classes then you get a couple hundredth of a point added on. It doesn’t seem like much, but it matters when you’re .09 away from being valedictorian. Damn Brian Long and his genius brain. As for Columbia, well, I haven’t gotten my acceptance letter yet. But it’ll come soon enough.

2. What do you like to do in your spare time?
TS: Well, spare time is kind of rare now that it’s senior year, but I suppose the usual things. Arranging my schedule and to do list. Hanging out with Carly or Brian. Lazy Saturdays watching movies in bed with Kimmy are also fun.

3. How did you earn the reputation of being an Ice Queen?
TS: I have nothing to do with that nickname that’s been exaggerated. Sure, I don’t really go on dates and I hang out with a lot of people. And I might have snapped or been abrupt once or twice people tried to talk to me, but it wasn’t my fault. They just interrupted me when I was studying or was busy. I’d love to chat, but that just wasn’t the right time.

4. How did you and Carly meet?
TS: It was the middle of our freshman year and I was just accepted into the Junior Achievers. A club that was usually only had seniors and juniors with the occasional sophomore to file stuff. But they let me help them plan the annual fundraiser. Unfortunately, we needed the auditorium the same time the drama club had rehearsals. So I offered to talk to the drama club rep who happened to be Carly. There…may have been some yelling and name calling tossed around, but within the hour we became friends. To be honest, I have no idea how that happened, but now I can’t imagine life without her.

5. Name the top 5 things you love and hate about high school.
TS: I could sum everything I love and hate about high school in one word. People. Specifically, I love Carly and Brian. I really wouldn’t have made it through high school without them. Well, I could, but it wouldn’t be as bearable. They’re the reason I like spending time in the media room after school. Why the pizza tastes better at lunch. And I wouldn’t have met them if it weren’t for high school.

To be fair, I also hate the people at school, too. Specificially lazy people who don’t care about why they’re here. Teachers included. I mean, we’re here to learn. If you’re just going to give us a passing grade just for showing up, then what’s the point? And the mandatory pep rallies would be okay if everyone weren’t so loud. And how come pep rallies are mandatory but I had to petition for the student body election votes to be mandatory? People, I tell you. They make or break stuff.

Although I wouldn’t mind if school was an hour later either.

6. What was your reaction upon waking up next to Evan McKinley?
TS: I don’t know what you’re talking about. Nothing like that had ever happened to me. Ever.
…but if something like that DID happen then I’m pretty sure my reaction would be OH. MY. GOD. It would be something similar to waking up in the Twilight Zone. If the Twilight had half naked surfers. And my expression would permanently be one of those emoticons with the open mouth and X’s over the eyes.

7. On a scale of 1 to 10 how attractive do you find Evan to be?
TS: Okay, let me just say that he is not my type. At all. I prefer guys who spend more time on land than half naked in the water all day long. Not that I don’t understand his appeal to other girls. I mean, his gray eyes are pretty gorgeous, I’ll give you that. And I won’t complain about his muscles. Who could? They’re just so…anyway, they’re nice. And so is his smile. So maybe a 7. Or 8.5. But I’m not attracted to him.

8. What would be your ideal perfect summer date?
TS: Nothing big or elaborate. Just something simple. I mean, it’s not like I have a lot of other dates to compare it to anyway, but just a nice dinner or movie Saturday night. Preferably on the holidays or summertime so I don’t have to worry about homework. Maybe we could do get some pizza and chat about college and stuff over dessert.

9. Next up, University! How do you feel about jumping into this next chapter of your life?
TS: Even better than having a lifetime of mushroom pizza and an exclusive copy of a Harry Potter sequel. I mean, this is what I’ve been working toward my entire life. Every single A I’ve gotten was for this purpose. And even that one B I got in kindergarten because I refused to nap. But I mean, come on, there are more important things to do than sleep.

10. Can you share 1 thing about yourself that no one knows?
TS: Well, technically if I told you a secret then it would defeat the PURPOSE of keeping it a secret all these years. But here goes. I…love romance novels. Most people think that the first full length book I’ve ever read was Huckleberry Finn (mostly because that’s what I tell people), but to be perfectly honest, the first book I’ve ever read was a romance novel at the age of 12. I don’t even remember the title or author. It was a book that my mom always left in her car and while she was running errands after school, I sat in the car to do my homework. Well, at first I did until I started reading the book. It was about rival families who married their youngest kids to ‘end the feud’ after they found out that the youngest son was actually a daughter the family hid for years. Of course, they hated each other at first, but soon fell in love and figured out the family feud was just a misunderstanding. The plot was horribly predictable and the idea that true love conquering all and solving everything is laughable. I mean, seriously? But…I couldn’t stop reading. It was like a drug and since then I’ve read hundreds of romance novels. Strangely enough, the cheesier and embarrassing bodice ripping covers, the better. Even Carly doesn’t know this.

Actually, now that I think about it, would you mind signing a confidentiality contract promising that you wouldn’t tell this to anyone? Not that anyone would believe you if you did.

11. If you could share a piece of advice for teenagers going through tough times in high school, what would it be?
TS: Just remember that there is a whole world outside of high school. A huge world that doesn’t care about whether you go to pep rallies or had a date last Saturday night. Or that you’d rather spend your holidays holed up in the library prepping for your physics presentation. Things don’t stay or end in high school. In fact, I feel like your life doesn’t start until you leave. And you can do what you want and be yourself. And that’s what you should be looking forward to.


Jenn Nguyen fell in love with books in third grade and spent the rest of her school years reading through lunchtime and giving up recess to organize the school library. She has a degree in business administration from the University of New Orleans and still lives in the city with her husband. Jenn spends her days reading, dreaming up YA romances, and binge watching Korean dramas all in the name of ‘research’.


Links: Website | Goodreads | Twitter

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