Review: Interference

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Author: Mignon Mykel
Series: Prescott Family, #1
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: August 8 2016
Format: eARC
Pages: 263
Source: Author


Hockey’s most eligible bachelor must run interference to get the one girl he can’t have.

I’d never even heard of Caleb Prescott, God’s gift to hockey. Who watches hockey anyways? Not me, I’m too busy with college and work. My part-time just for fun job has now asked me to recruit this player for a new dating show. Sounds easy enough. . .until he insists I become part of the show.

I only agreed to compete on the dating show to get closer to Sydney—the redhead pixie I’d do anything to see again. But unlike the women competing for my affection, or the puck bunnies desperate for my attention, Sydney isn’t impressed by my hockey skills. I never miss a shot, I don’t care if she calls interference, I’ll do anything to win her heart.




Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥



“After a stressful day of exams, I was ready for a glass of chocolate wine. Whoever decided to put chocolate and wine together in one glass was a freaking genius.”

Things I Liked: the Prescott Family, character development, Part Two

Things I Loved: Caleb, Part One, sassy Sydney

Things I Disliked: the abrupt/rushed ending

Swoon ❤

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After reading From the Beginning (Prescott #0.5) back in April I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the next book by Mignon! Although, I originally thought it would be on the timeframe of Noah Sr. and possibly teammates, not his children. However, I’m 10000% happy with the direction Mignon decided to take the series in!!

Interference consist of dual POVs from Sydney and Caleb and is broken up into two parts. Part One, is mainly of Syd and Caleb meeting and their time on the cruise. Part two, is filled with what happens when Syd leaves and the drama a reality TV show can bring. Throughout Interference we mostly get Caleb’s POV which I enjoyed! I found that Mignon did an excellent job really of showing readers a male’s perspective. Sydney still has a good amount of chapters from her POV which I highly enjoyed, she’s sassy and hilarious! When things got bad though I wanted more chapters from her to hear her POV on how she was feeling towards Caleb. The chemistry between the two of them is obvious from the moment they meet and well crafted from beginning to end. I liked how Mignon gave Syd and Caleb minor character development, both characters weren’t bad people with major issues but each had minor fault when it came to trust.

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The only thing I wasn’t okay with was the ending. It wasn’t a bad ending! To me it just felt slightly rushed. Things happen, and thankfully they get resolved but I felt like the pace of the Chapter 31, Chapter 32, which takes place one week later, and the Epilogue could have been slowed down a bit.

I can’t wait for the next book in the Prescott series! I love the whole family and can’t wait to read more about the kids but I’m really hoping we’ll get Jonny’s book soon :). Also, I think it would be pretty cool is Sydney’s family had a spin off series!

Would I recommend Interference? YES!!! Gosh, yes! Also, be sure to check out From the Beginning (Prescott, #0.5)! My review can be found here! I can’t wait to read more by Mignon, she just has a way of grabbing readers attention and holding it for the full duration of her books.




From the Beginning

Author: Mignon Mykel
Series: Prescott Family, #0.5
Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: April 4 2016


Before the Prescott name became big in the hockey world, there was just Noah Prescott, fighting for a spot on an NHL roster. Never did he imagine a simple note from a shy fan would speed up his world.

Ryleigh Scott had an issue talking to men, but she knew she couldn’t pass up the opportunity to talk to Noah — potentially negative labels, be damned. Never did she imagine a simple note would start what could only be described as the beginning of the rest of her life.

This is Noah and Ryleigh — before the NHL contract, before the kids, before going back home.

This is Noah and Ryleigh from the beginning.




From the Beginning Teaser 2


Be sure to click here to check out my review for From the Beginning by Mignon Mykel!


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Mignon Mykel


Mignon is a twenty-something (…getting awfully close to thirty-something) who resides in Wisconsin. An avid reader since her preschool days, she ‘blames’ her mother for teaching her to read during that all-important time during a forming brain. Some of her earlier memories of reading include her mother buying her a book at the mall — and finishing the book before they even returned home.

Writing happened soon after the reading started. Her first writing piece can be found in a box of other important papers from growing up. It’s about an apple who was her friend, but she had to eat.

The first series Mignon started to write was about a close family of one brother and his three younger sisters. She started writing this family and their friends in 2005, but as soon as the Prescott family took over her mind, the Ashbys fell silent. Maybe someday we’ll all hear from the Ashbys, but those Prescotts…. The Prescotts are excited to have their stories told.

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